“On an excellent level,” says assessment report on GuideVision-KBC ServiceNow team.

The school year has only just begun, but the GuideVision team working with one of our largest clients has already brought back an excellent report card in the form of a glowing internal assessment from the KBC banking group. The 29-member joint GuideVision-KBC SNOW team received a very positive report in an internal assessment prepared this month, and we should all hope for such great evaluations.

“From an agile mindset perspective and the use of agile principles, the ServiceNow team is at a highly above average level,” the assessment results state. “The result of 4.15 means that from an agile mindset the team can be an excellent example to the rest of the organisation,” The assessment was performed by an external company.

The GuideVision-KBC team’s “approach to people and the functioning of the team is on an excellent level,” and that the team “has a highly developed internal culture founded on values such as: Accommodation of mistakes and a no-blame culture, trust, mutual support and cooperation, a willingness to learn, strong ownership of individual people and proactiveness in solving problems. Cooperation works very effectively because of this environment, and people are enthusiastic about their work on the SNOW team.”

The assessment report goes on to say that the fact that the positive evaluation was confirmed by results from both 360 feedback and personal interviews with team members. “If the entire organisation is considering a change of its culture for the better, it would be appropriate to be inspired by the SNOW team, which currently ranks among the islands of “positive deviation” at KBC,” the report states.

The report goes on to state that there is nothing recommended to change - and that “it could be dangerous to recommend current effectiveness changes in the interest of minor systemic changes.” In other words, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it :)

Strongly positive evaluations from clients like KBC are the product of our long-term commitment to high customer satisfaction and the quality of our work. These are the values we have built our company culture on, and they reach across all our projects throughout our client roster.

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